Turtle Island

Jack Ramey’s novel “Turtle Island: A Dream of Peace” about the founding of the first democracy on the American continent by the Iroquois deals with profound issues of spirituality, war & peace, and the nature of good & evil. It has a special appeal for anyone interested in history, feminism, spirituality, or in protecting the resources of our planet for future generations.

Eavesdropping in Plato’s Café

Eavesdropping in Plato’s Café is a collection of lyrical, elegiac, and dramatic poems by Jack Ramey that are at once philosophical and personal, encompassing the broad sweep of history from ancient Greece to post-millennial America.

The Selected Poems of Wang Wei

I was first introduced to the poems of Wang Wei by my friend and fellow poet, George Kalamaras, when he mentioned that Wang Wei was his favorite Chinese poet in a poetry reading at the Village Lights Bookstore.